Our Superiority

Competitive pricing without reducing service quality

We can provide prices that can be considered with another tour agent because we utilize connections and Our relations are both tickets, hotels, transportation and thers, so we can give a sloping price than the normal price without reducing the service quality and customer comfort.

Fast Respond

Our fast response to customers makes us strong in running the tour, because we feel the importance of safety, accuracy and comfort of guests before, while and after the tour runs. After the tour has been agreed upon, we quickly compile all the needs from the hotel, restaurant, transportation etc., because we want to meet guests' requests on the tour quickly to maximize tour preparation.

Indonesian Guide

We give priority to local guides who can speak Bahasa, so they can bring guests and can explain about the tourist attractions visited by guests in Indonesian which is easy to understand. Not only that, the Indonesian guide we provide aims to help guests on the go while going to shop or communicating with other Japanese so they don't get difficulties.

Land Operators Speak Bahasa

Our land operators also communicate in Bahasa to facilitate communication and service in order to make the tour run smoothly. Our land operators are divided into 2 teams, namely teams in Indonesia and in Japan. The aim is to strengthen the readiness in each tour that we carry out and facilitate communication at close range.